Extended Services & Expansion Plans

At PragmaTech we always plan ahead and plan on our contingencies. Keeping in mind the futuristic needs of the IT industry, we have certain concrete Services Expansion Plans. Some of them are already being exercised as part of our working practices, while others are still on our agenda for future projects.

SAP Training

SAP refers to Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. The comprehensive training on SAP makes you Industry-Ready. You'll benefit from training options based on solution, role, or program. At PragmaTech, we have plans to provide SAP training through our business associates.

Soft Skills Training

Being technically sound does not serve the purpose for software professional. One also needs to learn and master various skills like Project Management, Project Cost Estimation, Interpersonal Skills and so on. At PragmaTech, we train industry professionals on Soft Skills to survive the ever changing IT field.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing involves finding the right people, with the right skills, abilities, and fit, who may be hired or already working for the company (organization) or may be working for competing companies. In knowledge economies, where talent becomes the new capital, this discipline takes on added significance to help organizations achieve a competitive advantage in each of their marketplaces. At PragmaTech, we provide Staffing Solutions through our business associates.

Vendor Certification Program (VCP)

PragmaTech intends to launch vendor certification courses in near future. The focus will be on providing Certification from Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems to train professionals on .Net and Java technologies. We also intend to expand our VCP to provide certification of Red Hat for courses related to network administration, and Oracle certification for database developers and administrators.

Online Training (Class-Net)

Class-Net is an ambitious project that will be taken up soon. Under this project, we wish to provide online training to our clients. The sessions conducted will be available as video streams. The authorized clients can access them from anywhere, without attending any session physically. The greatest advantage is, you won't miss a single session at all.

Faculty Training Program (FTP)

This is one of its kind programs that no other Institute provides. Looking at today's educational scenario, we at PragmaTech have designed a special course for those who wish to take up Software Training as a career option. This will be a rigorous training program that will make a candidate, technically sound in his / her chosen technology. The candidates will be trained on Communication Skills, Technical Skills, Class Management Skills, Problem Solving Skills and so on. After all, a good trainer can bring out the best from a developer.

Placement Assistance

PragmaTech offers placement assistance to the bright candidates who wish to take up Development and/or Training as their career options. Apart from that, we may provide the placement assistance to candidates, in their core domain, subject to the availability of an opportunity.